Digital Document Management

Central Storage Document 

  • Allows file access from regionally dispersed office groups
  •  Access to all document and files across all devices and on the web
  •  Central system can serve multiple locations
  •  Enables access to documents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  •  Facilitates end‐user requests by allowing much more self‐service than possible with paper file management
  •  File sharing and collaboration

Data Synchronisation

  •  Folders in two or more separate locations always contain identical up-to-date files
  •  Same thing will automatically happen to a file in other locations if a file in one location is added, changed or deleted

Cost Containment

  •  Substantial gains in efficiency reducing labour requirements and freeing up personnel
  •  Save physical file storage space (when using an electronic based rather than paper based system)
  •  Decrease in copying and printing
  •  Reduction in courier expenses
  •  Scalability: Expand without incurring undue expense

 Security Enhancement 

  • Facilitates restricted access
  •  Varying levels of user rights permit access without exposing information unnecessarily
  •  Full audit trail of activity
  •  Retainment of prior versions of documents
  •  Electronic data encryption
  •  Files are retained and cannot be lost or destroyed

Integrity Enhancement

  • Digital images provide exact representation of original paper documents
  •  Administrative controls restrict modification, deletion, importing or exporting of documents, reducing lost, misplaced, or damaged files
  •  Simultaneous multi‐user access allows a single document to be used by multiple parties at once

Disaster Recovery

  • Backup capabilities, unlike paper file storage
  •  Backups can be stored off site or in a fireproof safe
  •  Data redundancy for continuity of operations
  •  System component redundancy for reliability
  •  Full system redundancy (clustered architecture) for uninterrupted operations

Customer Satisfaction

  •  Efficiency gains result in much more timely service
  •  Files are readily accessible to the user from the desktop
  •  Facilitates immediate attention to client requirements and requests
  •  Files are securely accessible to multiple staff, branch offices, external agencies and remote locations
  •  Document look‐up capabilities allow any assigned member attend to a task or requirement
  •  Workflow and document routing allow for tracking and expedite work completion
  •  Project and Strategic level reporting is made more readily available